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Member-Driven Equipment Fund: Official Ballot

The Spudnik Press 10 Year Steering Committee has taken on the challenge to raise funds for studio improvements, and we need your help!

Cast your ballot for what you would like us to invest in:

Take the Equipment Fund Official Survey!

The Equipment Fund Committee looks forward to tallying votes and creating a fundraising plan for new equipment purchases. Be on the look out for updates and more opportunities to help us make Spudnik Press even better!

The Equipment Fund Committee 
Heather Anderson
Hannah Batsel
Stephen Jablonoski
Nicolette Ross
Veronica Siehl

Chili Babbles #4: Hot Peppers Trivia

Did you know…

1)    Only mammals are susceptible to the burning sensation of capsaicin.

2)    All varieties of peppers (including those bred for heat in labs) come from just five domesticated strains of peppers.

3)    There are five different categories of flavor; salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami. You will notice, however, the intense spice that the chili pepper is famous for isn’t one of them! Instead of a type of flavor, the spice of a chili pepper is considered a type of pain!

4)    Green, red and orange bell peppers are the exact same plant, just at different levels of ripeness.

5)    The current hottest pepper in the world is the Carolina Reaper, a Frankenstein Monster of a plant bred by the Puckerbutt Pepper Company.

Be on the lookout for more Chili Babbles as the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival approaches on Saturday, February 25. In the meantime, reserve your ticket for unlimited chili and print-themed carnival games!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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Chili Babble #3: The Source of Spice

Did you know…. Spices come in many forms and are found in every cuisine.

A “spice” is any seed, bark, fruit, or root that can be used for coloring, flavoring or preserving foods. They are not, however, leaves, flowers, or stems which are classified as herbs. 

Empires have risen and fallen thanks to the wealth generated by the spice trade, and wars have been fought. And now, a new war for spice superiority looms. Let’s take a look at how our chefs prefer to spice up their dishes: 

Be on the lookout for more Chili Babbles as the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival approaches on Saturday, February 25. In the meantime, reserve your ticket for unlimited chili and print-themed carnival games!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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Chili Babble #2: The Bread Bowl

Did you know…. The Bread Bowl was popularized back in the middle ages as a useful solution to stale bread. While bread bowls are rarely prepared as a home-cooked meal, they remain a popular novelty at Au Bon Pain, Quizno’s and Medieval Times.

Do you wonder how our chefs feel about bread bowls? We did too! Here’s what they are saying:

2017 Survey of guest chefs for the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off. Published by Spudnik Press Cooperative.


Be on the lookout for more Chili Babbles as the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival approaches on Saturday, February 25. In the meantime, reserve your ticket for unlimited chili and print-themed carnival games!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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Chili Babble #1: The History of Chili

Did you know…. America’s first chili was supposedly created by a group of women who emigrated from the Spanish Canary Islands?

Chili became a popular dish during the Gold Rush of 1848. By compressing all the ingredients into a brick, dried chili cakes could be easily transported then turned back into a thick stew by dropping into boiling water.

Women were again responsible for the introduction of chili to the Midwest during the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair at the infamous San Antonio Chili Booth!

Be on the lookout for more Chili Babbles as the 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival approaches on Saturday, February 25. In the meantime, reserve your ticket for unlimited chili and print-themed carnival games!

2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival
Saturday, February 25, 2017
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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Meet The 2017 Hashbrown Guest Jurors: David Hammond & Pat Berger

The 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival is around the corner on Saturday, February 25, and this annual event is gearing up to be the biggest and the best yet! With almost twice as many chefs and a new all-you-can-eat format, we decided to heat up the competition by inviting two of Chicago’s favorite foodies to visit the competition as Guest Jurors.

In addition to the “Best Meat” and “Best Vegetarian” Audience Choice Awards, the jurors will work together to determine the ultimate winner… The Chili Champ!

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Guest Jurors:

David Hammond

Dining and Drinking Editor for Newcity/Chicago

David Hammond is Dining and Drinking Editor for Newcity/Chicago, and a regular contributor of food/beverage-related articles to Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Men’s Book, Plate, Wednesday Journal, and Where Chicago. Between 2010-2014, he wrote weekly Food Detective and What to Do With columns for Chicago Sun-Times; since 2010 he has written weekly restaurant and product reviews for Wednesday Journal.

David has contributed chapters (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand) to the Encyclopedia of World Street Food, as well as to the upcoming Encyclopedia of Chicago Food and Culture. He is the producer/host of You Really Should Eat This,” a cable television series done in conjunction with the Village of Oak Park; for WBEZ, he produced two seasons of Sound Bites, an examination of how chefs use sound to manage their kitchens. David is a founding member and moderator of, the 15,000 member Chicago culinary chat site.

Pat Berger

Owner of Paddy Long’s and Kaiser Tiger

“All cities have celebrity chefs, but great foodie cities have guys like Pat Berger, glue guys who hold communities together. Berger is a former rugby player who now owns his own bar, makes his own beer and serves as much bacon to customers as humanly possible. He started his college’s rugby program and now runs camps helping local kids get into the game. He works with a lot of local brewers and is a certified National Beer Judge. If you’re man enough — and you’re not — order the Whole Bomb, five pounds beef and pork deliciously weaved with brown sugar bacon.”

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Tickets Now Available for the 7th Annual Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival

Chicago has a long connection with chili, beginning with The San Antonio Chili Stand at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  In keeping with that history, Spudnik Press is pleased to announce, for the seventh consecutive year, the 2017 Chili Cook-Off & Carnival to be held on Saturday, February 25th, 2017.

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This annual fundraiser has become a celebratory tradition among the Chicago arts community. Throughout the years, dozens of local organizations and businesses have contending for the coveted Golden Ladle. This year, guests can sample chili from up to 20 chefs, including previous champions and first-time competitors. New in 2017, Spudnik Press Cooperative members are forming chef teams and joining the competition!

The 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival is also the first to include all-you-can eat chili, a guest jury, unlimited print-themed carnival games, and discounted tickets for youth.

While unlimted chili tastings (and the ability to cast a vote for their favorite) is what draws many guests to attend, The 2017 Hashbrown Chili Cook-Off & Carnival offers guests a varied of activities to round out their evening. Spudnik Press members have reinvented a variety of carnival games that turn the antique printing presses into festive hands-on printmaking games, fun for children and adults. Unlimited carnival games are included in all levels of admission.

Another exciting addition to this year’s battle is that chefs will have the opportunity to vie a “Best Of” award in addition to the “Best Meat” and “Best Vegetarian” Audience Choice Awards. The “Chili Champ” award will be selected by a Guest Jury including Chicago’s prestigious food writer, David Hammond and the owner of Kaiser Tiger and certified National Beer Judge, Pat Berger.

Each Chef Team featured in the 2017 cook-off is a critical contributor to arts in Chicago. This network of organizations, businesses, and generous individuals all work in harmony to provide resources and support Chicago many artists. The Hashbrown offers a unique opportunity to meet staff and volunteers from many of Chicago’s favorite local establishments. Confirmed chefs include Zine Not Dead, Metal Magic Interiors, Candor Arts, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Fata Morgan Press and more.

The evening will be rounded out with DJ Pickled Beets spinning vinyl, a silent auction featuring artwork produced by some of Chicago’s most popular artists and gifts from some Chicago’s favorite culinary establishments. Sweet and savory tamales, also included in the price of admission, will help guests enjoy a well-rounded dinner.

Admission starts at $20 for adults and $10 for kids, with all proceeds supporting the mission and vision of Spudnik Press Cooperative. The VIP packages includes an open bar and a commemorative limited edition mug, affectionately known as “The Spud Mug”. Plus, VIP guests will stand out in the crowd by sporting their VIP-only golden tasting spoons! Tickets support the mission of Spudnik Press and can be purchased online at

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Download the Press Release


Join Our 10 Year Birthday Party Planning Team!

This June, Spudnik Press Cooperative celebrates a milestone: Our 10th Anniversary! 

Our staff, board of directors, and members are all teaming up to plan the birthday party of the decade, and are looking for more eager members to combine their passion for prints with their love of party planning.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 19, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

What is Involved?

  • Attend monthly meetings,approximately once per month, Jan 2017 through August 2017.
  • Bring leadership to the planning and execution of the yet-to-be-planned event.
  • Stay connected between meetings through email and google docs through researching or brainstorming.
  • Act as a general ambassador for Spudnik Press (You probably already do this!)
  • Provide additional volunteer support during the 10 Year Birthday Party.

Who are we looking for?

  • Current members
  • Teaching artists and past students
  • Past fellows, residents, apprentices and interns
  • Artists and community members at large that have an investment in Spudnik Press Cooperative.
  • Individuals with a general interest in organizing, fundraising, and event planning

To Sign Up:

  • Email Please include your name and phone number.
  • Indicate if you are available for the upcoming meeting on Thursday, January 19, 5:oo – 6:30 p.m. 
  • (We understand the scheduled meeting might be inconvenient for those who work typical business hours. Just let us know your availability, and we will do our best to create a standing meeting time that works for all!)

New Weekly Crit Group for Members!

Exciting news! With hopes of establishing a regular space for artists to share their artwork and receive input from their peers, Spudnik will be hosting a FREE weekly critique group every Thursday night!

The Critique Group kicks off right off first thing in 2017 every Thursday from 8-9 p.m. with two to three members presenting artwork each week. Current Spudnik Press members can participate by signing up through our online sign-up form or in person.

The Details:

  • Each week two to three artists will present artwork (work in progress, finished work, what ever the artist chooses). Additional members are encouraged to sign up to contribute feedback.
  • Thursday night Open Studio attendees are encouraged to join the group as well, either getting feedback on new work or contributing feedback.
  • During the month of January, the critique group format will be tested out and tweaked as needed. In February, once we see what works best, the format will be finalized and we will invite more members to join the group.
  • The critique group is free. Participants are encouraged to bring snacks and beverages.

Spudnik Press is Hiring: Studio Coordinator

Spudnik Press Cooperative is now accepting applications for a Studio Coordinator position. This is a permanent part-time position.

The Studio Coordinator provides broad support for the Executive Director and Studio Manager across many Spudnik Press programs and efforts. On a daily basis, the Studio Coordinator will balance responsibility across many programs. This is a fast-paced job that requires strong organization, time management, teamwork, written and verbal communication skills, and the capacity to quickly learn new processes.

To apply:
Before applying, please downloaded and review the Studio Coordinator Job Description. To apply, please send e-mail with a PDF resume and PDF cover letter to Please direct any questions to this e-mail address as well. Interviews will begin the week of January 2, 2017.

Community Challenge: Help Us Reach $5K by December 31, 2016

What is the Community Challenge?

Each year, Spudnik Press supports thousands of people in our community— art-lovers, printmakers, explorers, academics, creatives, students, and dabblers, alike. You are part of the artistic community and the Spudnik Press family, and as 2016 winds down, we are seeking support from our friends and family to end the year in the black and keep our studio running smoothly.

We are in need of $5000 in donations by 12/31/16 to keep presses running smoothly and 2017 programs in full swing. The Board of Directors has set the pace for our fundraising:

They donated the first $1000…
and they challenge you to help us raise the rest!

We are already 20% there! Please help us complete the challenge!

Make a tax deductible donation

What Do Donations Support?

If we meet our $5000 goal, we will be able to cover the following costs:

  • One month of Studio Access supplies. In other words, 7 gallons of screenprinting ink, 8 lbs of oil-based ink, 4 tubes of risography ink, masking tape, newsprint, emulsion, and many other miscellaneous supplies.
  • Direct costs for 6 Exhibitions presented in the Spudnik Press Annex.
  • 5 Field Trips for 80 Chicago-area highschool students.
  • Ongoing maintenance of our 9 printing presses and 70 screens.
  • Sponsoring 11 local artists through our Studio Fellowship and Residency Programs.

Over the next few weeks, we look forward to sharing more details about each of these programs, and the value they provide our community.

A Few Inky Incentives:

First Time Donors:
A special offer for our friends and family who are making their first donation to Spudnik Press Cooperatve: Donate at any level to be entered in a raffle for any Winter 2017 class or workshop.  The winner can keep the class for themselves or pass it along to a creative friend!

Donors at $100+ Level:
You and a guest will be invited to our donor-exclusive Ink & Drink Art Party on January 13.

Rise to the Challenge:
Make a tax deductible donation