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Edra Soto at Spudnik Press | A Brief Interview

This summer, we invited Edra Soto to be one of five women artists to visit Spudnik Press and collaboratively produce a new edition of prints as part of our Oct. 1 Suffragette Social Benefit Auction. Edra’s most recent projects have taken the form of installation, performance, and curation, so we were unsure what form her print would take. We settled on producing a handful of one-of-a-kind garments, reminiscent of simple house dresses, featuring golden panthers and shaded palm leaves.

While we didn’t realize that this is officially “Edra Soto’s Really Good Year,” we have long known that Chicago is lucky to have this amazing woman as part of our community! She is thoughtful, smart and enthusiastic, and perhaps best of all, she cannot help but pass along her positive energy to those around her. As we gear up for our October 1 auction, we are excited to share this short conversation between Edra and Spudnik Founder & Executive Director, Angee Lennard:

Angee Lennard (AL): Spudnik Press just finished publishing your newest print project, a printed one-of-a-kind garment. What was most surprising about the collaboration or how the project unfolded?

edra-soto-house-dress-1-webEdra Soto (ES): I have been overwhelmed by this organizations professionalism and generous approach to the artists they select to collaborate with. Having your work reproduced and being able to keep few editions in exchange for a piece of your work is a remarkable, fair but very generous as well.

AL: You have lots of projects going on this fall (The Annual at CAC, The Chicago Arts Club Centennial Celebration, RenBen 2016), plus you are curating a booth featuring 25 SAIC alumni. Will people find any of your personal artwork at EXPO? 

ES: Not precisely at EXPO, but at Silent Funny. I am a part of a very cool group exhibition titled Minimum Requirement. This exhibition revolves around the ethos of accessibility and an interdisciplinary school of thought and is curated by Amir George and Anansi Knowbody. I am recreating a cardboard tent that was made by a guy named Tyler Tyclark I’ve met in Downtown Chicago. His tent was titled Let’s Stop the Violence and has avery democratic way of gathering signatures and any information people want to disclaim about their experience with violence. I found his gesture to be so effective because it almost functioned as a collective public letter.  On top of this humbly made out of cardboard piece, he placed lolly pops and sharpies for people to write. I found myself cut up in the moment and talk to him for a little bit. I congratulated him for doing something. I thought I can use this exhibition opportunity to pay forward Tyler’s kind gesture against our city’s violence.

AL: When I visited The Franklin, in addition to Mike Rea’s exhibition, I was struck by your amazing collection of art. How or why did you start collecting art? And do you consider yourself an Art Collector? 

ES: An accidental collector! I started collecting by trading work with other artists or buying work at non profit organizations for affordable prices. Years later my husband and I found ourselves with a significant collection that is a true reflection of my relationship with the artist run culture here in Chicago. Our goal is to archive and document this collection and eventually create a publication accessible to the public.

What I love about our collection is that is private, but having THE FRANKLIN in proximity allowed us to turn the private unto a public situation. The work being available for public viewing perpetuates the life of the collected work that once was intended to be enjoyed privately.



AL: You are both an artist and a curator. Do you see these as two different roles that you switch between or are they fluid/inseparable?

ES: Yes. I attribute my affinity for curation to my affinity for installation art and how satisfying is for me to transform spaces for public viewing. Also, I am a raving art fanatic, so it is a very pleasurable exercise to bring together work from different artist.  I did my first official installation when I was a student at SAIC. I was looking at artists studios, curious about what they were making and I had an incredible urge to combine a series of them and create an installation…which I did. It was a group of woman artists and the exhibition was analogous to a hair salon.

AL: What piece from our auction would you be most excited to take home from The Suffragette Social?

ES: I would love to take home one of each of the three letter press pieces of Cheryl Pope Truth As Evidence: Voices of Incarcerated Youth.

AL: What women artists are you most excited about these days? 

ES: Donna Huanca, Juana Valdes, Leslie Hewitt and Ad Minolti are some of my favorites.

Get Your Tickets:

The Suffragette Social:

A Benefit for Spudnik Press Cooperative

United We Print!

Saturday, October 1, 2016
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
6:00 pm Artists Reception
$75 VIP Admission
$35 General Admission

Print, Politics & Gender: A Look at The Suffragette Social

As Chicago artist, writer and activist (and auction contributor), Jessica Caponigro said in her essay A Very Condensed History of Women Printmakers In America,

“The sense of community that exists in both printmaking and feminist communities can serve as a rallying and protective force.”

This remark gives insight to why and how our Annual Benefit celebrates and promotes BOTH dozens of women artists AND printmaking’s roots as an agent for social and political change.

Spudnik Press is a women-run organization. Over 70% of the artists we support identify as women, including students, Teaching Artists, Resident Artists, Interns and the 200+ artists that logged over 3000 Open Studio hours. We have never had difficultly finding talented women artists, which is why we are surprised when we hear statistics like only 28% of museum solo exhibitions spotlighted women in eight selected museums throughout the 2000s (Published on the National Museum of Women in the Arts website).

While our country has made some progress, it’s too early to celebrate. In fact, new exposé and advocacy projects like Gallery Tally, Cultural ReProducers and The Feminist Art Project continue to pop up. And we haven’t even mentioned gender issues in politics recently emphasized by Hillary’s bout with pneumonia!

The Suffragette Social is an opportunity not only to show your support of equality in the arts, but to join a rabble-rousing party (yes, feminism can be fun) and to lend support to those who are actively creating space and place for women and queer artists!

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Call for Volunteers: Annual Benefit


Help Spudnik Press put on our best Annual Benefit yet! This year’s benefit, The Suffragette Social: A Benefit for Spudnik Press is on October 1, 2016 (6pm-10pm) and it needs 25+ volunteers. Shifts are available the week of September 26 and the day of the event.

Help us get the space pretty, install our beautiful silent auction art, and make the event run smoothly!

If you volunteer before the event, you receive a complimentary General Admission ticket as a thank you for your hard work.

If you volunteer during the event, you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities with built-in breaks (even if your shift spans the duration of the event, we will have people to relieve you so you can enjoy the festivities).

Sign Up to Volunteer

Not interested in volunteering, but would love to enjoy the evening as our guest?

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Call for Artists: Homecoming | Annual Member Exhibition

Homecoming | Annual Member Exhibition
October 14 – November 16, 2016

Homecoming highlights artwork by the Spudnik Press’ very own varsity team: Our 2016 Annual Members!

Day-in and day-out, the Spudnik Press studios act as a launching pad for hundreds of artists to produce fine art prints. As soon as artists pull them from the bed of the press, the freshly inked prints head out into the neighborhood, the city and beyond. The next artist steps up to the press, and the cycle continues…

Each fall, our Annual Member Exhibition welcomes back a selection of artwork made right here at Spudnik Press. Our homecoming exhibition highlights our community and the caliber of artwork produced by our community. By bringing together a diverse selection of artwork, Homecoming instigates conversations between the artwork on display as well as people: our members, our alumni, and our guests. By exhibiting prints in the very shop where they were created, we showcase the process of art-making and the prodigy of Spudnik Press community.

Corresponding Events:

Spudnik Press Cooperative Member Art Market
Presented in conjunction with the HUBBARD STREET LOFTS ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE
Friday, October 14, 6-10pm

Fall Member Meeting & Homecoming Closing Reception
Wednesday, November 16, 6-9pm


  •    Participating artists must be current Spudnik Press members.
  •    The exhibition is not juried and open to all Spudnik Press members.
  •    There is no participation or entry fee.
  •    Participants may exhibit up to three artworks.
  •    All artwork must have been partially or fully produced at Spudnik Press.
  •    All artwork must be framed. Please contact staff if you are interested in framing assistance.
  •    Artwork dimensions must not exceed 22×30”.
  •    Recent artwork is preferred.
  •    Artwork may be for sale. All potential sales will be directed to the artist.

To Participate:

  1. Complete the Online Sign Up Form by Sunday, September 18.
  2. Drop off artwork by Friday October 7.

Please direct any questions you may have to

Call for Artists: Spudnik Press Member Art Market | Friday, October 14

Each fall, Spudnik Press Cooperative transforms into a pop-up Art Market providing our members an opportunity to showcase their wares. Artists are encouraged to bring portfolios with prints, cards, handmade books, home goods, apparel, and more. In addition to the pop-up market, The Annex gallery will feature art by our members (see Homecoming Exhibition Call), also available for purchase. Members are free to participate in the exhibition, the pop-up sale or both.

The Member Art Market will occur during the Hubbard Street Lofts Annual Open House, a building-wide event that in the past has brought 800+ guests to the building. This year, with more studios than ever participating, we expect to have well over 1000 visitors visit Spudnik throughout the evening!

With low overhead and a simple process to participate, the sale is a perfect platform for emerging artists to experiment with presenting and selling their art and wares.

Working with the space available at Spudnik Press, 22 artists will be able to creatively present their work within a vibrant studio among our printing presses and type cabinets. Most spaces will range from 2’ x 3’ to 3’ x 5’ flat surfaces or 6’ wide wall spaces. Artists will pick their space when they arrive.

Event Synopsis

Spudnik Press Cooperative Member Art Market
Presented in conjunction with:
October 14, 6-10pm
Free to Attend 

Spudnik Press Cooperative, a non-profit printmaking studio that represents over 150 Chicago artists, presents a one-night market featuring cards, handmade books, home goods, apparel, wall hangings and more by some of Chicago’s best up-and-coming artists.

Even those not in the market for affordable local art should stop by the studio to check out the vibrant artist cooperative and Spudnik’s unique collection of presses that date as far back as the early 1900’s.

Participation Details

Table Set-Up: Day of 1pm-6pm. All artists must arrive by 5pm.
Participation Fee: $40 Flat Fee. Artists handle their own sales.
Requirements: Must be a current annual member at time of sale.

To Participate:

  1. Browse our online floor map, and select your first, second and third choice spaces.
  2. Complete the Online Sign Up Form
  3. Pay the $40 Participation Fee.
Spaces are non-juried, first come, first served.  Please direct any questions you may have to

Spaces Available (as of 9/23):

2. Rachel Foster
4. Chloë Perkis
7. Margaret Hitch
8. Betsy Stout
9. Devin Owsley-Aquilia
10. Moon Bang
11.Dana M Johnson Artwork
12. rovePrints
13. Hello Paper Co.
14. Alex Kostiw
15. Logan Kruidenier
16. OPEN
17. Alyssa Martinez
18. OPEN
19. Genevieve DeVille
20. Current Location Letterpress & Curiosities
21. OPEN
22. Angelika Piwowarczyk

2016/2017 Studio Fellowship Program: Now Accepting Proposals

Deadline to Apply: October 2, 2016

Spudnik Press Cooperative is accepting applications for our Fellowship Program, our flagship opportunity for emerging artists to gain access unrestricted access to our studios.

This is a seven-month program that provides support for young artists through full studio access and professional development opportunities. Fellows will acquire leadership skills and Studio Assistance experience through monitoring a weekly open studio session. Fellows will also work closely with each other and staff to develop and lead Community Workshops at Spudnik Press.

In addition to monitoring one Open Studio session per week, Fellows will also take on leadership roles at special events, member meetings, and outreach efforts. Fellows will meet regularly to share artwork and support each others projects. The program creates accountability for the cohort of four fellows as they set personal goals, create healthy studio habits, and develop their portfolio.

2016/2017 Studio Fellowship:

To Apply:

  1. Please download our 2016/2017 Studio Fellowship Call
  2. Download our  2016/2017 Studio Fellow Proposal Form
  3. Return all materials to by Sunday, October 2, 2016.

Important Dates:

Deadline to Apply: Sunday, October 2, 2016
Fellowship Orientation: Wednesday, November 2, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Spudnik Press Orientation:  Friday, November 4, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Monitor Training: TBD
Individual Monitor Shifts Begin: December 1, 2016
Fellowship Ends: May 31, 2017

Pictured Above: Past Studio Fellows Margaret Hitch and Stephanie Benhaim leading “The Spontaneous Screenprint” community workshop.

Join Our 10 Year Anniversary Steering Committee

On June 8, 2017, Spudnik Press Cooperative celebrates a milestone: Our 10th Anniversary!

To help bring vision and enthusiasm (and ideally increased financial support) to this landmark year for our organization, we are developing a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will include as diverse of a group of stakeholders as possible including staff, board members, program alumni from classes, residencies, fellowship, etc, Teaching Artists and Annual Members.

The objectives of the Steering Committee are to:

1. Bring cohesion to the 2017/2018 Calendar
2. Integrate broad community input from a variety of constituents
3. Support and augment staff and board work, allowing for bigger and/or better 2017/2018 programs.
4. Bring creativity, vision, freshness and vigor to our 10th year.

The Steering Committee will brainstorm, evaluate, and ultimately shape how Spudnik Press Cooperative’s 10th year anniversary can have a large and lasting impact. Topics that will be addressed include:
– How can we mobilize our members to help spread awareness of Spudnik Press?
– Can we scale up peer-to-peer member-led fundraising events/programs?
– Are their urgent studio-based improvements that should be sought after in 2017/2018?
– How can our regular programs be integrated with special anniversary events or fundraising?
– How can an anniversary event best showcase the mission and vision of Spudnik Press Cooperative?

What is Involved?

– Attend a 10 Year Anniversary Kick-Off Planning session on Saturday, September 10, 1-5pm.
– Attend monthly meetings Oct 2016 through July 2018, tentatively scheduled for Thursdays 6-8pm.
– Provide additional volunteer support for public programming related to the 10 Year Anniversary.
– Act as a general ambassador for Spudnik Press Cooperative (You probably already do this anyway!)
– Take on additional responsibilities as needed and as able.

Who are we looking for?

– Current members
– Teaching artists and past students
– Past fellows, residents, apprentices and interns
– Artists that we have published or that have participated in an exhibition.
– Artists and community members at large that have an investment in Spudnik Press Cooperative.
– Individuals with a general interest in organizing, fundraising, and event planning

To Sign Up:

– Email Please include your name and phone number.
– Anyone is welcome to attend the Kick-Off on Saturday, September 10 regardless of their ability to commit to the full committee!

The Suffragette Social: Marvelous Monoprints by 20+ of Chicago’s Favorite Artists


With our annual benefit, The Suffragette Social, just 6 weeks away, Spudnik Press has been buzzing with activity. Over 20 of our favorite artists have been invited into the Spudnik Press studios to generate new print-based artwork specifically for the auction.

Working alongside Studio Manager Extraordinary, Nicolette Ross, artists have been able to pick up new printmaking skills and experiment with painterly techniques like screen monoprinting, planographic printing, and pronto plates (which allow artists to work with photographs and digital images). This innovative model allows us to offer our benefit guests an amazing collection of artwork that cannot and will not be available elsewhere WHILE fulfilling our mission to provide affordable and approachable access to printmaking education and facilities to a diverse cross-section of Chicago artists.

Featured Artists include:

Heather Anderson | Mark Booth  | David Downs | Rachel E Foster | Rami George | David Giordano | Karolina Gnatowski | Magalie Guerin | Jaclyn Jacunski | Dutes Miller | Jeroen Nelemans | Paul Nudd | B Ingrid Olson | Jason PallasClaire Pentecost | Nicolette Ross | Veronica Siehl and more…

The benefit auction will feature all of the culminating prints from these invitational workshops, as well as drinks from Artisanal Imports and Perrier, music, hands-on printmaking demos, and a silent auction with wares from tons of Chicago local businesses and much more. With bids starting between $45 and $65, this auctions promises to be a win-win situation: Support the community printshop you know and love, while adding to your art collection, prints by artists you know and love! Plus, VIP guests get to come by an hour early to preview the auction, meet these amazing artists (plus enjoy open bar and hors d’oeuvres all night long in the VIP lounge!)

The Suffragette Social:

A Benefit for Spudnik Press Cooperative

United We Print!

Saturday, October 1, 2016
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
6:00 pm Artists Reception
$75 VIP Admission
$35 General Admission

Get Your Tickets!

Announcing the Fall 2016 Class and Workshop Schedule

Once again, we have pulled together a fantastic line up of classes and workshops! This fall, we are offering a few new types of classes that we are extra excited about.

First of all, our new “refresher” classes are a welcoming way for people with previous printing experience to regain confidence in the printshop. Ranging from one day to four weeks, these are fast-paced classes that focus on trouble-shooting, honing skills, trying out more advanced processes and inspiring attendees to take new risks with their artwork.

We are also dedicating a few classes to special topics of particular interest to our alumni. Our fall bookbinding classes delve deep into one binding style, allowing students to experiment with the book form and each develop their own customized designs. Screenprinters can choose to perfect photo printing skills and become a master t-shirt printer.

For those new to print, we have 9 one-day workshops plus a score of beginner printmaking classes and two very cool opportunities to learn illustration or calligraphy!

We truly believe this array of opportunities offers something for everyone. We hope that you will join us soon to make art at Spudnik Press!

Browse all Classes & Workshops

Brand New Super Special Classes: This Fall Only!
Modern Calligraphy
Saturday Morning Illustration Club

With Alumni in Mind: Special Topics & Intermediate Skills
Letterpress 201: Daredevil Type
Screenprinting Camp: Apparel Production
Screenprinting Photos: Halftones and Found Images
Bookbinding: The Coptic Stitch
Bookbinding: The Long Stitch

Core Classes & Workshops: Learn to Print at Spudnik Press
Risography 101
Screenprinting Explorations
Letterpress I: Wood and Metal Type
Printmaking Foundations

Refresher Workshops: Regain Your Printing Legs
Relief Printmaking Refresher
Screenprinting Refresher
Etching & Intaglio Refresher
Letterpress Refresher

One-Day Do-It-Yourself Art Projects:
DIY Greeting Cards: Letterpress Printing
DIY Gifts: Kitchen Tea Towels
DIY Gifts: Handmade Notebooks
Wearable Prints: Screen Print Your Own…
Screenprinting on Canvas: Make Your Own Wall Art
Hand Lettering Workshop
DIY Greeting Cards: Screenprinting
DIY Letterpress Coasters

Browse all Classes & Workshops

Spudnik Press Cooperative Board of Directors: Call for Directors

The Spudnik Press Board of Directors will support the work of Spudnik Press Cooperative and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are handled by staff under the leadership of the Executive Director, Board Members provide long-range leadership, governance and oversight for the organization while spearheading individual donor fundraising efforts.

A key responsibility for the Board of Directors is overseeing the implementation of the current Strategic Plan of Spudnik Press Cooperative, as well as leading ongoing evaluation and planning for the organization. A secondary area of focus is expanding the network of donors that support the organization through cash contributions, in-kind services, event attendance and purchasing services.

Board Members will serve a two-year term to be eligible for reappointment for additional terms. Full board meetings will be held every other month. Members are expected to serve on at least one committee, meeting approximately once per month.

Responsibilities Include:

Interpret the organization’s work and values, represent the organization, and act as a spokesperson.
Stay informed about current programming.
Attend and participate in board and committee meetings. Promote and attend a variety of public programs.
Extend personal invitations to potential supporters, continually expanding our network of donors and clients.
Represent Spudnik Press stakeholders through approving annual budget, business decisions and participating in an annual performance review of Executive Director.
Serve on a committee. Current committees: Development, Governance, Annual Benefit. Forthcoming: Finance
Contribute a minimum of $375 to Spudnik Press Cooperative per board term (September – August).
Attend Legal & Fiduciary Responsibilities training upon joining the board.

Benefits Include:

Opportunities for professional development as a board member.
Honorary Spudnik Press membership, inclusive of all benefits, to align with their board terms.
15% of all classes and workshops
Invitation to exclusive member events
Annual Thank You Gift
Additional discounts on studio use programs

Skills & Qualifications:

This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about Spudnik Press’ mission and/or visual arts. Priority is given to applicants who are accomplished in areas of need to the organization such as law, board governance, board development, public relations and data assessment, as well as fine art printmaking, community education, exhibitions and art sales.

To Apply:

Please send resume or bio summarizing  qualifications and a letter of inquiry to the following:
Angee Lennard, Executive Director,

Download the Board of Directors Job Description

Pop Up Art Market

The Spudnik Picnik
Saturday, July 9, 12-5pm

Take a break from the summer heat and visit our Pop-Up Art Market! Our talented and passionate studio members will be displaying a variety of unique, hand-made prints in the Hubbard Loft hallways (between the outdoor fun and the indoor print shop tours). All work is priced affordable and ready to take home on the day of the Picnik. Don’t miss this opportunity to treat yourself and your friends, while directly supporting our community of artists!

Featured Artists include:
Elke Claus
Elise Forer
Margaret Hitch
Angelika Piwowarczyk
Randi Stella

Members: It’s not too late! Sign up to Participate!

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Member Bake Sale at The Spudnik Press Picnik

The Spudnik Picnik
Saturday, July 9, 12-5pm

Support Spudnik Press by eating homemade treats! Dozens of Spudnik members are whipping up their favorite baked goods to help raise much-needed funds to maintain, improve and expand the risography equipment at Spudnik Press.

Why Risography? Risography is a little-known type of printmaking that combines the best of a copy machine with high-volume offset printing. The risograph is a quirky machine that creates lush prints in bold colors, quickly and cost-effectively. The main set back? Each new color requires a special pricey drum. We’re currently limited to just four colors, but have our eyes the full spectrum of hues, including the coveted white, gold, and fluorescent pink!

Proceeds from every cookie, cupcake and pie sold will help our studio provide top-notch self-publishing resources to hundreds of artists each year. What could be sweeter?

Members: Sign up to bake your favorite sweet!

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