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Screenprinting Explorations

Most people love a screenprint whether they know it or not. Known for its bold graphics and versatility, screenprints are a staple for many famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Shepard Fairey. Screenprinting is relatively easy to learn, yet has many facets for further exploration and mastery.

Our eight-week class provides adequate time for new printers to complete a range of projects on paper and fabric, gradually increasing in complexity and nuance. With the ongoing support of a pro to help trouble-shoot along the way, students become familiar with dark room exposure, mesh count, screen tension, ink consistency, and registration.

In addition to developing A+ printing skills, this class will teach students how to build their imagery to best translate into the printed medium. By the end of the class, students will know their way around the print shop, and be well equipped to continue printing independently at Spudnik Press Cooperative.

This class typically fills 2+ weeks in advance. Early registration is suggested.

Please note that class fees cover tuition as well as many consumable studio supplies and most materials that students will use throughout the class or workshop. Please see student material list for additional supplies.

First Impressions: Ally Hembree | Linoleum Block Printing

Guest Artist: Ally Hembree
Featured Project: Linoleum Block Printing
6:00 Happy hour | 6:30 – 8:30 Artmaking 

Ally Hembree is always inspired by the environment in which she creates. Her linoleum block printing project will encourage attendees to also seek inspiration from their surroundings and the Chicago cityscape. Guests will be able to try their hand at relief printing by carving and inking an image from a linoleum block.

Make ONE project between TWO people:
Use coupon code 2for1enroll to enroll two people for $50

First Impressions is an event series dedication to introducing our community and the public at large to local artists who are members of our studio. Join us on friday nights for our happy hour combined with making and learning alongside our artists. First Impressions occur every other month and feature a guest artist and a unique project that relates to their artistic practice.  Red and white wine will be provided, and guests are welcome to bring other beverages. No previous experience is necessary. Whether social or creative, we promise that an impression is sure to be made.