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Screenprinting Explorations (July)

Most people are fans of screenprinting whether they know it or not. Screenprinting is an art form known for its bold graphics and versatility. A close cousin of stenciling, screenprinting is easy to learn, yet has many facets to explore and master. Our eight-week class provides adequate time for new printers to complete a range of projects on paper and fabric, gradually increasing in complexity and nuance. With the ongoing support of a pro to help trouble-shoot along the way, students will be familiar with dark room exposure, mesh count, screen tension, ink consistency, and registration.

In addition to developing A+ printing skills, this class will help students develop their imagery, be it hand-drawn illustration or digital files, to successfully translate to print. By the end of the class, students will know their way around the print shop, and be well equipped to continue printing independently at Spudnik Press Cooperative.

Photopolymer Intaglio

Photopolymer Intaglio plates can capture every nuance of a continuous tone photograph, as well as direct drawing on transparent media. Using digital or handmade positives in combination with an aquatint screen, artists can easily simulate the look and feel of classic copperplate photogravure, montage, a variety of drawing techniques, or experiment with new directions. This class will benefit photographers and print artists looking to extend the tonal and textural possibilities of their artwork.

Students will work on two to three plates to create a small body of prints between 5” x 7” and 7.5” x 10”. Through these projects, students will test out tools and materials to determine optimum exposure and ink density for various approaches to image making, film output and plate processes. During the printing portion of the class, students will refine their inking and plate wiping techniques for controlled and consistent printing from intaglio plates.