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Etching & Intaglio Printmaking (Oct 2017)

Intaglio Printmaking is a family of printing techniques in which marks are incised into a metal plate. Using a fine point needle and various other tools, drawings and images are transferred through a thin protective ground to expose copper. With the help of a chemical bath, marks and images are etched into the metal with a remarkable amount of detail.

Working more spontaneously, artists can also scratch images directly on the plate, transfer textures onto the plate, or paint directly on their plates with resists and mordents.

Beginning with basic line etching, students will learn and practice traditional plate making and printing processes. Through chine collé, aquatint, dry point, soft ground, and experimentation, student will add tonality, color, and varied marks to their images. No prior printing experience is needed, and students who do have intaglio experience can revisit the foundational skills with a more nuanced understanding of the process, and move on to independent projects.

Do you want to try out etching before signing up for the full class? Our Etching Tester & Refresher is happening on Sunday, October 15.

DIY Greeting Cards: Screenprinting (Nov 2017)

Screenprinting is one of many processes at Spudnik Press that can be used to print your own set of greeting cards. This is a quick and fun introduction to printing on paper allows students to dabble with a new process while making personalized cards for their friends and family.

Students will bring to the workshop their own one-color digital or hand-drawn designs. Not a design expert? No problem! Any bold black and white image will work, and students will be able to finesse their design after learning the strengths and limitations of the process. While .AI or .PSD files are great, we welcome students to bring anything from text typed in Microsoft Word to photocopies.

Throughout the workshop, they will use a darkroom to expose their design to a screen, mix their own ink color, and most importantly, print, print, and print. Students will walk away with a set of 20 handmade greeting cards for friends, family and coworkers.

Basic white 5×7” flat cards are available for students who do not bring their own cards.

Community Workshop: Monotype like Matisse

This collaborative screenprinting class focuses on how various mark-making materials can be used with a screen to make one-of-a-kind prints. Materials such as watercolors, water-based crayons, markers and pencils can be used in conjunction with stencils to allow artists to improvise, explore, and work quickly to make multiple iterations of an image.

Inspired by the paper cut-outs used by Matisse in the later part of his career, students work together and respond to each others marks. This game will encourage images to be built up through multiple layers. The end goal: students trust their gut intuition, and work in the moment to experiment with materials and composition. So sign up with a friend, test your collaboration skills, and take home a portfolio of unique prints!

No understanding of bitmaps, photo emulsion or Photoshop required! This immediate, direct and at times unpredictable process can produce expressive marks reminiscent of Jackson Pollock or Rorschach tests, psychedelic abstractions, or much more controlled transfers of pencil, crayon, charcoal and water-color images drawn and painted directly on a screen. This workshop is great for those new to art making, as well as painters, teachers looking for non-digital and non-darkroom print projects, and printmakers looking to add variety to their practice.