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Monotype Explorations

Monoprinting is an exciting form of printmaking that favors organic, gestural, textural, and ephemeral marks and imagery. This process is an incredibly immediate, intuitive, and playful way of exploring printmaking. It is well suited to people new to printmaking and artists who typically work with paint, mixed media, or drawing.

In this 6 week workshop, students will be introduced to fundamental water and oil-based monotype techniques. Students will learn a variety of methods to create layers of shapes, colors, and textures such as chine colle, pochoir, and offset stencils. By tapping into intuitive and experimental making, students will work with a variety of colors and textures to make painterly and expressive prints.

Sculptural Paper

In this two-session intensive, students will use fast and easy DIY papermaking techniques like pulp casting, paper mache, and dipping to explore the many sculptural forms, textures, and dimensions that paper fibers can take.

Students will also be encouraged to experiment with methods of surface design and assemblage to modify and embellish our forms.