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Printing for Poets: Chapbooks & Movable Type (October 2017)

Explore the wide world of independent publishing through this hands-on workshop that brings together writing, letterpress printing, and bookbinding.

Working with the unique aesthetics of letterpress printing, as well as the constraints of this art form, students will be exposed to new ways to think about writing. As both a writing workshop as well as small press incubator, this session is especially useful for writers and poets who want to enhance their hand skills or are considering various approaches to distributing their writing.

Taking advantage of the tools and resources available at Spudnik Press, students will learn about metal type, typesetting, composition, paper handling, and simple binding structures. By the end of the day, students will have created from start-to-finish a collaborative chapbook and will have a solid understanding of the tasks involved in printing. Visual arts experience is not required.

Letterpress Refresher (Nov 2017)

With a focus on printing, this refresher workshop will review setting up the presses, ink mixing and application, adjusting pressure, proper packing, registration and all-around best practices. Students will improve their mechanical understanding of the press and how wear and tear can be reduced through actively listening to the press, using a keen eye to spot and identify issues, and taking notice when the press doesn’t quite feel right.

We welcome printers that are 1) feeling out-of-practice, 2) are new to Spudnik’s letterpress facilities, or 3) would like support working through a particularly complex project or reoccurring printing issue. Through this workshop, students will not only brush up on old skills and have the opportunity to become authorized to print at Spudnik, but are sure to walk away with new morsels of useful information regarding the art of letterpress printing.

Plus, to help ease each participant back into printmaking, students are invited to return within the week (free of charge!) to put their refreshed knowledge to use.

Letterpress II: Polymer

This class will allow students to continue to build broad letterpress printing skills while added polymer platemaking to their repertoire. Polymer plates allow artists to print illustrations, digital type, and even photographs, and if desired, can be combined with traditional typesetting. The class will cover all aspects of printing with polymer plates, including design, pre-press, printing films in-house with our Epson 4800 printer, hand developing plates, and printing. This class will also investigate multi-color registration, double-sided printing, basic press maintenance and other skills that arise based on each student’s projects. Students will graduate from the class having versatile knowledge of letterpress printing, and the ability to seamlessly move between lead and polymer printing.

DIY Greeting Cards: Letterpress Printing (Dec 2017)

Print your own greeting cards using Spudnik Press’ traditional printing presses. The tactile quality of ink pressed into paper will surely leave an impression on the lucky recipients of your handmade cards!

Students will each set their own short saying or phrase using metal and wood type. They’ll combine it with vintage relief blocks featuring festive illustrations. This workshop combines an overview of letterpress printing and history with hands-on art making, and it is a great way to try out a new craft. Students are encouraged to bring 20 blank notecards of any size and color. Each student will lock up their type and get to operate a printing press to produce their own design. Plus, students can trade with peers to take home a variety pack of cards.

DIY Letterpress Coasters (Dec 2017)

DIY Letterpress Coasters is an opportunity for people new to letterpress printing to experiment with the art form and experience the satisfaction of pressing ink to paper. A coaster is the perfect foundation for printers to play with the art form. Students will get to make their own mixed and matched coasters featuring the debossed “punch” that makes letterpress printing so popular.

Students can make coasters from variety of “type high” blocks: wood type to produce abstract shapes and textures, antique borders to create decorative patterns, and various contemporary designs by local artists cast as magnesium plates. Students can make a dozen unique coasters, or settle on a favorite look to create matching sets. Spudnik Press will provide the option of beginning with coasters made from thick cotton paper stock or cork. Students simply need to come to class ready to sift through type cases and dabble in the centuries old process of letterpress printing.