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Calligraphy Crash Course

After taking a calligraphy workshop, you’ll never look at a letter the same again! Join artist and calligrapher, Grace Calderone, in an exploration of letterforms, quill pens and india ink. We welcome first-time calligraphers! Rumor has it that even those with questionable penmanship can do remarkable things with an oblique pen and a zebra nib!

The workshop will take a close look of the composition of letters, and how letters connect to other letters to form words and phrases. Students will get used to assembling the nib and holder, controlling the pen’s reservoir of ink, and varying line width with pressure. From there, students will become familiar with how letters are formed through practicing the alphabet, writing short phrases and experimenting with swashes.

Everyone will get to take home their own pen and nib and a printed guide to help them keep practicing on their own.

Make Your Own Wall Art: Chicago Edition

Do you love Chicago architecture? What if you could make your own Chicago wall art featuring your personal favorite photo? Ditch the stock photo of Navy Pier in favor of your favorite neighborhood marquee, the Chicago skyline from your own rooftop vantage point, or seasonal foliage along the 606.

With the support of Spudnik Press artists, create your own unique handmade ready-to-hang artwork featuring your own Chicago photograph. Students will learn tricks to transform their personal photograph into a bold and graphic screenprint on canvas. This afternoon workshop introduces the process of using a darkroom to create a screen from a digital image, mixing a custom ink color, and printing a design onto fabric.

After printing, students will choose from two finishing styles, either stretching the canvas around stretcher bars or add grommets to complete their artwork. Students are asked to bring a black and white 10” x 10” 300 dpi digital image. Durable natural canvas and all other materials are provided.

Pro Tip: Grab your camera and take some photos of your own. It’s not cool to download copyright-protected photographs.

Pre-Press Workshop: File Prep for Stress Free Printing

Not everyone needs to be a digital expert. With that said, there are many benefits of understanding how Adobe creative suite can be used to ensure successful printing. Our one-day workshop will arm even the most “non­techy” person with digital arsenal of skills needed to prepare their drawings, photographs, and designs into a press-ready file for screenprinting, letterpress printing or risography.

For example, students will better understand color modes and when to use each of them (CMYK, Greyscale, Bitmap and Duotone). Students will learn tricks for separating an image into multiple layers and adjusting contrast, levels and curves to create high-contrast black and white images from scanned drawings. Students will learn how to add trapping to their artwork and how to create an on-screen approximation of what their artwork might look like as ink on paper.

Through hands-on file editing, students will practice using a variety of tools to help plan and visualize multilayer prints and create crisp darkroom-ready stencils. The class will focus on Photoshop, but address when and how to use Illustrator and InDesign.

Students will use their own computers with Adobe Creative Suite*. This workshop focuses on digital pre-press file editing. Students will not be creating prints during the workshop.

*Please email staff prior to registering if you do not have a laptop with creative suite. A limited number of students may be able to use onsite computers.