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Illustrative Lettering: Combining Word & Image

The unification of written language and visual language can create powerful communication. When done well, illustrative lettering leads to impactful poster design, cards and invitations, advertisements and artwork. Building from one’s natural drawing style, this workshop will amplify hand-lettering skills and focus on techniques to combine text with illustration.

Students will gain inspiration and ideas from looking at several illustrations by a wide range of artists. Using various prompts, students will practice transforming letterforms into image and experiment with readability, layout, shape, and style. After developing sketches using a wide range of techniques and tools, everyone will have the opportunity to focus on a final illustration that incorporates skills learned throughout the session.

Risography 101 (November 6)

The Risograph is an automated duplicator from Japan that efficiently produces offset-like prints in a variety of saturated colors. Though not originally intended for artistic application, the machine has recently gained traction (and notoriety) in small-press culture for its distinct footprint and efficiently as well as being rather finicky.

This workshop will walk students through the fundamentals of risograph printing for making books and fine art prints, and familiarize students with techniques to best reproduce their imagery. Students will become acquainted with the mechanics of the printer and learn basic maintenance, including how to change the master roll and a drum’s ink tube. Lastly, students will learn how to best design for the risograph, taking into consideration ink drying time, ink density, paper options, registration, and patience. Everyone will leave with a three-color collaborative print produced throughout the workshop.

While students gain authorization to continue making risograph prints at Spudnik Press Cooperative, attendees are encouraged to round out their riso know-how by taking a Risography 102 workshop and/or returning to use Open Studio shortly after taking the workshop.