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Bookbinding Explorations

In this six-week class, students will focus on learning non-adhesive binding structures. Some of these binding styles will include complex sewing structures like coptic stitch, long stitch, and Japanese stab binding. Students will learn the traditional version of these sewn bindings as well as new variations on the bindings to make more decorative and complicated designs. Participants will work with leather, paper, book cloth, and book board to survey the wide range of techniques in sewn bindings.

At the end of this workshop all students will have the ability to identify and create the most fundamental structures of sewn bindings, recognize the tools, history, and vocabulary around these bindings.

Classes typically fill 2+ weeks in advance, please register early!

Bookbinding: No-Sew Books

This class is the perfect introduction to bookbinding. Students will learn the basic vocabulary and tools of bookbinding. They will learn how to use the guillotine to cut paper for their books and how to use a nipping press to flatten their books after folding. Students will create one single sheet book that will be approximately 5.5’X4. 25’ with 6 pages, one 2.75’X 4.25′ spiral single sheet book with 16 pages, and one 5.5’X4′ accordion fold book with 12 pages. This workshop is great for beginners or people who are currently creating comics or other media that they would like to share in a simple book structure

Bookbinding: Hardcover Case Binding

Hardcover books are elegant and frequently sought after structures. Use this class to learn how to make your own journals, sketchbooks, diaries, etc.

This class is designed for people with beginning to intermediate bookbinding experience to delve into more advanced techniques. Students will learn how to sew folded signatures, how to sew onto tapes, how to create a cloth bound case, and “case in” a sewn book block. This class will focus on learning the technique of case binding and will explore on the basics such and importance of paper choice, tools and vocabulary. Previous bookbinding experience is encouraged but not necessary.