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Etching 201: Color

Open to anyone with prior intaglio experience, this course reinforces and builds on basic etching and intaglio processes like using hard and soft ground, aquatint, scraping, burnishing and dry point, and proper inking and printing techniques.

The priority of this class is for artists to become comfortable and confident integrating color into their prints. Students will learn how to plan multiple color and multiple plate prints to achieve their desired palette and a range of tones. Demonstrations will cover basic color theory, ink mixing, transferring drawings between plates, and advanced registration techniques. Students will also be able to take advantage of chine colle and a la poupee inking to integrate even more color to their prints.

In this condensed 5-week course, each student will be provided two 8” x 10” copper plates to be used for a single multiple-plate image. Students should plan to bring a drawing to the first class as a starting point for their key plate. Through out the class, students will develop the two plates, side-by-side, proofing as needed.

The ultimate objective is for everyone to complete a small edition of colorful prints, all in register, consistently inked, and ready to share with the world!

Etching Tester & Refresher

Etching (a type of Intaglio printing) is printmaking process in which marks are scratched or etched into a metal plate. Using a fine point needle, artists can draw directly on plate through a thin protective ground to expose copper. With the help of a chemical bath, these marks are etched into the metal with a remarkable amount of detail. The resulting print can look similar to pen and ink drawings but also capture a vast array of marks and tones. Artists can work with great precision or work expressively and spontaneously.

In the first three hours of the workshop, students will complete a simple small-scale project, moving through each step of the etching process from plate preparation through printing. In the last two hours, students new to the medium are welcome to stay and create additional prints of their image. Students with prior experience are encouraged to use the last hours to address questions related to setting up the press, soft ground, step etching, etc.

This workshop is designed to let people test out a new craft or refresh skills from a prior class. Authorization can be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Students who want to learn the full range of what etching can do should enroll in our 8-week Etching & Intaglio Printmaking class.