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Risography 101 (Late October)

The Risograph is an automated duplicator from Japan that efficiently produces offset-like prints in a variety of saturated colors. Though not originally intended for artistic application, the machine has recently gained traction (and notoriety) in small-press culture for its distinct footprint and efficiency as well as being rather finicky.

This workshop will walk students through the fundamentals of risograph printing for making books and fine art prints, and familiarize students with techniques to best reproduce their imagery. Students will become acquainted with the mechanics of the printer and learn basic maintenance, including how to change the master roll and a drum’s ink tube. Lastly, students will learn how to best design for the risograph, taking into consideration ink drying time, ink density, paper options, registration, and patience. Everyone will leave with a three-color collaborative print produced throughout the workshop.

While students gain authorization to continue making risograph prints at Spudnik Press Cooperative, attendees are encouraged to round out their riso know-how by taking a Risography 102 workshop and/or returning to use Open Studio shortly after taking the workshop.

Printmaking Foundations (October)

For anyone who wants to be creative through printmaking, our foundations class introduces first time printers to the wide variety of printmaking processes, equipment, and resources at Spudnik Press Cooperative. Students will experiment with three unique types of printmaking throughout the six weeks. With each printing process inducing its own aesthetic, this class offers abundant opportunities to elevate sketches and designs through print and to understand the basic concepts that bridge the many types of printmaking at our studio.

Screenprinting is a form of stencil making that is used to print fine art as well as posters, cards, t-shirts, and more. A relief print is made by carving an image into wood or linoleum with gauges, inking the surface, and transferring the image onto paper. Etching, also known as Intaglio [in-tal-yoh], is a family of printing techniques in which an image is incised into a metal plate. Artist can directly scratch into plates with needles, or they can draw through a ground and etch the image into a plate using a chemical. Two weeks are devoted to each process, with a final session for wrapping up projects and planning next steps.

Together, these processes range from experimental to exacting, bold to subdued, and unpredictable to calculated and can open new possibilities for artists, writers, and anyone who wants to learn a new way to make art. Printmaking Foundations can act as either a general introduction to everything Spudnik has to offer, or a refresher course for artists who have previous experience.

DIY Greeting Cards: Screenprinting

A handmade greeting card is always a wonderful gesture and a great gift to receive. Through this class you can impress loved ones with a hand-printed card featuring your own design.

Students will learn the entire screenprinting process, starting with burning images into screens using photographic emulsion in the darkroom. All participants will learn how to mix custom ink colors, how to register images, and how to pull successful screen prints. Students will receive twenty white A6 sheets of paper but everyone is encouraged to bring additional blank note cards varying in size and color to continue to print. Students are also encouraged to swap cards with their classmates to bring home a variety of hand-printed cards.

Participants will each bring a one-color design to transform into a stack of greeting cards. Designs can be a black and white drawing, text-based, a Photoshop or Illustrator file, or found imagery.

Papermaking Workshop: Native Milkweed

In this one-day workshop, students will learn about Milkweed: an abundant native plant with strong, long bast fiber. Participants will learn the properties of Milkweed fiber and how it compares to other papermaking fibers, best practices for harvesting and processing fiber, and will learn hands-on how to pull sheets of Milkweed paper using a Western-style mould.

DIY Greeting Cards: Relief Printing

The graphic look of a hand-carved relief print makes for great greeting cards.
Relief printmaking is a graphic and versatile style of printmaking that dates as far back as 500 BC. An image is carved in reverse onto a block, which is then inked and sent through a press. The tools are simple and approachable but the possibilities are expansive. On the press, students will learn how to mix ink, handle paper, and finesse pressure to produce a beautiful, personalized set of greeting cards.