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March 6 | Bookbinding 101: Simple Self-Publishing (1-Day)

This workshop focuses on styles of bookbinding that are low-cost yet dynamic, and well suited for poetry chapbooks and portfolio books. Students will earn how to choose materials and create simple book structures that best highlight the content within their book.

The workshop will address the logistics of organizing poetry or artwork into a book form, explore the book as a vessel for information, and how material choices can inform how the book is read. While the workshop will create blank books, each style of binding will begin with standard 8.5” x 11” paper to allow your poetry or artistic content to be easily printed from a common inkjet or laser printer. 

Students will complete four sample books: Two pamphlet stitch varieties, a perfect bound book, and a more elaborate Japanese stab binding.

In addition to learning hand skills, the class will discuss the history of chapbooks, their role in publishing over time, and ways to share and sell chapbooks. If you have writing or images you would like to promote, this is a great workshop to jump start your self-publishing!

March 8 | Drypoint Printing (1 Day)

This course is best suited to ambitious beginners curious about intaglio techniques. The drypoint process covers the basic skills needed to become familiar with etching and other intaglio processes, and therefore would set students up for further success with intaglio in the future.

Students will learn drypoint techniques, plate wiping techniques, and gain familiarity with intaglio printing. Students will leave with a finished drypoint plate and print, as the class hours will be devoted to learning technique versus creating a perfected artwork.

March 15 | Letterpress Authorization: Platen Press (1 Day)

This is a 1-day refresher course for printers who are familiar with the letterpress process, especially those who have worked with platen presses before.

In this course, students will review typesetting, Californian case, our available platen presses onsite for locking up type, spacing, using our letterpress furniture, and more. Other items that will be discussed include adjusting the roller heights, tips on color mixing, cleaning, and general studio policy.

Students will get authorization to use our letterpress equipment (Chandler & Price Press and Pearl & Pilot Press only) independently after this class. During the class, they will also be able to create a poster using wood type, metal type, ornaments and other printing blocks available at the shop.

March 19 | Monotype Printing 101 (1 Day)

Monoprinting is an exciting form of printmaking that favors organic, gestural, textural, and ephemeral marks and imagery. This process is an incredibly immediate, intuitive, and playful way of exploring printmaking. It is well suited to people new to printmaking and artists who typically work with paint, mixed media, or drawing.

This workshop will introduce students to the basics of monotype printing. Throughout the workshop, students will discover ways to create unique prints while learning about the properties of ink, paper, pressure, and how they interact to be able to explore the process of monotype on their own. Printing techniques will include additive and reductive processes, stenciling, and ghost printing. Each student will make three prints to explore these processes.

March 30 | Screenprinting on Fabric and Paper (1 Day)

Screenprinting is an art form known for its bold graphics and versatility. It is an approachable process, yet has many facets to explore and master. This one-day workshop is a great introduction for beginners who do not have experience with screenprinting.

Students will learn the basic skills to get familiar with the screenprinting process, and will be introduced to a variety of possible applications or projects that will offer an exploration of ways to create screenprints from drawings, digital designs, and found or photographic imagery.

To further develop their skills, students may continue their screenprinting journey at Spudnik Press by booking Private Lessons or enrolling in our multi-week screenprinting classes.