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Textile Art: Print, Embroidery, & Dyes (Online Class)

This 5-session online class will explore multiple entry points into textile art. Students will use natural dyes and inks, embroidery, and relief printing to experiment with color and pattern.

Each session will introduce a new process or project in order to give each participant a range of skills and concepts to begin or expand a practice in textile arts:

  • Textile art, design, concepts and tools
  • Preparing plant-based fibers for dying
  • Making and using natural dyes and inks
  • Linoleum block carving and printing
  • Various embroidery stitches and possibilities
  • Creative ways to combine these skills and processes

This class will emphasize the use of eco-friendly materials such as natural inks, and all demonstrations covered will be tailored for executing at home. Students can follow demonstrations in real time, or take notes and use the workshop experience to guide future projects. Students can make a collection of test projects, or dig into one larger project throughout the course.

Shannon Bodrogi is an artist, musician and arts educator. Working with alternative photo printmaking, monoprint, relief, embroidery, painting and collage, Shannon builds up pieces with different combinations through an intuitive process. She is interested in the patchwork of memory, documenting and archiving experiences and places, and the lessons we can learn from the plants around us. Shannon teaches MonoMerch: Basic Embroidery for DIY Merch through The Vera Project, which connects needle work to punk aesthetics and values. She values creating a safer and welcoming space that prioritizes self-expression, exploration and understanding.

Willa Goettling is an artist and educator whose work investigates ecology & corporeality. Willa received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Book & Paper from Columbia College Chicago (2019) and BA in Medical Anthropology & Global Health from the University of Washington (2016). While at Columbia, she worked as a Print Production Fellow on an offset press for the Journal of Artists’ Books; taught a variety of printmaking classes; and received an Albert P Weisman Award for her MFA thesis. She has worked as an in-house printer for the Center for Artistic Activism, teaches self-publishing workshops through Ugly Duckling Presse; and is currently the Education Coordinator at Dieu Donné Paper Mill in Brooklyn, NY.

Studio Access Training: Relief & Monoprinting

This authorization will cover both relief and monoprinting with a focus on press safety. While these are two unique mediums, they share the same presses and typically the same inks and cleaning processes.

Within relief printmaking, this session will address the basics of block carving with a focus on the tools and resources available at Spudnik Press and how various carving styles or approaches might affect the printing process. While printing with a press will be reviewed in detail, printing by hand will be addressed on request.

Within monoprinting, this session will address using plexiglass as a matrix, working with water- and oil-based pigments, and mark-making and stencil-making tools on site.

Moving to the printing process, this session will address setting pressure, blanket care, registration methods, paper selection, working with wet paper (water baths and damp packs), and drying/flattening prints. Regarding ink, this session with review modifiers, ink care, and cleaning expectations.

As with all our Studio Access Trainings, we will also cover equipment available to check out and press reservation policies.

To remain as accessible and welcoming as possible while ensuring the health and safety of both staff and visitors, we are currently offering private trainings that are part online / part in-person. More Details

Private Lessons: Gap Lessons

“Gap Lessons” are designed to support people transitioning from taking classes to using our Open Studio program, and to offer efficient and focused one-on-one support for people embarking on new projects or who need help working through a particular printing issue.

Taught by our in-house staff of skilled printers/artists, these one-hour lessons can help fill in any gaps that have held you back from getting the most out of your time at the studio.

Lessons are often scheduled preceding an Open Studio session to allow students to work with staff for an hour before their full studio session.

Email to schedule a lesson. Lessons are typically scheduled at least one-two weeks in advance. Instead of enrolling through our website, an online invoice will be sent once a lesson is confirmed. Please include in the email:

  • The specific topic or skill you would like help with
  • Any particular staff you would like to be paired with
  • Availability: days, evenings, weekends, etc.

Please note that gap lessons are not designed to provide authorization, but instead boost your confidence within the studio. Based on the skill or topic you would like to focus on, we may recommend a longer lesson.

Meet our Staff:

Gap lessons are $45 for a 1-hour session. Members of Spudnik receive a discounted rate of $40/hour.