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Protest in Practice: Print & Production From Rage to Page

In this 10 week letterpress course, students will focus on slogan writing and transforming outrage into a dynamic, concise, legible protest object. Skills demonstrated in this course will include language development, visual communication, color theory, text hierarchy, type setting, two color print registration, ink manipulation (blend rolls, splatter effects, flocking) and paper consideration. Students will leave this course with the knowledge and understanding to safely operate our machines. 

Throughout the class students will develop the technical skills needed to continue print independently at Spudnik Press and a variety of historical and contemporary approaches to the artform.

This class will not meet on November 27th. 


Experimental Screenprinting

This fast-paced, hands-on intro level screen class will teach students the fundamentals of screenprinting on paper, from prepping and creating stencils in screens to printing and screen reclamation. In addition to more traditional digital methods of creating screen imagery, students will be encouraged to experiment with more tactile and direct methods of mark making, such as rubbings, drawing fluid, and screen monotypes.

A variety of projects will offer an exploration of ways to create screenprints from drawings, digital designs, and found or photographic imagery. Students will become familiarize with the full process from selecting the right screen for the job, to dark room exposure, to mixing inks, to printing, to reclaiming the screens. With support from an experienced printer, students will practice printing and (equally important) troubleshooting. By the end of this class, students will know their way around the print shop and be authorized to continue printing independently at Spudnik Press Cooperative through our Open Studio program.

This class will not meet on October 23rd and November 27th. 

Box Making Workshop

Clamshell boxes are ideal for housing a portfolio of prints, photos, artist books, memorabilia, or tools. This style of box features a durable tray that safely holds the contents in place with a drop spine and hinged lid that allows the box open like a book and lay flat. This sturdy little box can be scaled to accommodate just about any content.

During this workshop students will construct a 6″x8″ box and build comfort and confidence in a variety of bookbinding skills: measuring and cutting book board, using a glue brush, wrapping boards with paper and book cloth, and planning for hinges that allow the box to easily open and close.

Patching & Mending

Patching our clothes can serve as a pathway to connect and mend our relationship to the Earth. We’ll cover methods of bringing life back into our belongings through personalization, mending, patching and altering clothing. Bring some things to mend and fabric scraps.