Bookbinding 201: Hard Cover Stab Binding

The Japanese stab binding is a durable book structure best known for its decorative hand-sewn spine. This style of binding can accommodate signatures or loose sheets of paper, making it a great book structure for artists and printmakers. In this one-day workshop, each student will get to design their own 5” x 9” book using folded signatures, natural or dyed waxed thread, and their choice of decorative paper or book cloth. Students will take measurements, create holes through the spine using an awl or a drill, and finally sew the book together with the decorative “Asa-No Ha Toji” or “Hemp Leaf” pattern.

This classic style of bookbinding is great for both beginning and intermediate students, and will provide practice using bone folders, PVA glue, curved and straight sewing needles, waxed thread and book board. Students will need to provide one large sheets of decorative paper or book cloth for the covers of their book.