Bookbinding: The Coptic Stitch

Originally used by the early Christians in Egypt (the Copts) some 2000 years ago, the coptic bound book is characterized by its strength and attractive chain-link stiches across the spine. Coptic bound books lay flat when opened, making them the ideal platform for journaling, sketching, and a variety of artist book concepts. Students will become familiar with bookbinding tools, materials, and terminology, as well as sewing skills that will allow students to complete a coptic bound book from start to finish. This includes skills such as folding signatures, gluing paper and book board, and sewing multiple book block sections together.

This short format four-week class allows students to delve into a particular bookbinding structure, learn variations to the structure, and ultimately design and create their own customized book. Students will explore how to consider content and functionality when determining the binding style and aesthetics of the book. These classes are great way for experienced bookbinders to refresh or hone skills and new bookbinders to experiment with a new craft.