Bookbinding: The Long Stitch

The long stitch is a classic binding style that can employ a range of visually dynamic sewing structures. A combination of long straight stitches and braided link stitches adorn the spine of the book. This open-ended structure allows plenty of room to experiment with sewing patterns on the spine of the book. For those looking to hone their technique, the exposed spine encourages binders to perfect the tension and direction of their thread. Since this style of binding typically needs a softcover, learning the long stitch is a great opportunity to experiment with leather, faux leather, or felt as a binding material.

This short-format four-week class allows students to delve into a particular bookbinding structure, learn variations to the structure, and ultimately design and create their own customized book. Students will explore how to consider content and functionality when determining the binding style and aesthetics of the book. This class is a great opportunity for experienced bookbinders to refresh or hone skills and new bookbinders to experiment with a new craft.