DIY Bookbinding: Hardbacked Journal (Dec 2017)

Case binding is the most common style of hardback book with the covers and the spine both constructed from book board. This resilient binding can hold up to the daily wear and tear that journals and sketchbooks are subject to. Students will create signatures from loose sheets of paper, sew the signatures together to create a text block, attach end papers, and line the spine with glue and paper to reinforce the space.

To design and construct the case, students will learn how to properly measure their text block to find the proper measurements for the spine, covers, and hinges. Using these measurements, they will cut and glue together book boards, book cloth, and decorative paper.

Finally the two parts (cover and text block) come together as a functional book that can open and close! Students will gain experience using bone folders, PVA and methylcellulose and glue brushes. Students will also become more familiar with how paper grain and paper weight affect the construction of a book.

First-time bookbinders are welcome to join, but should be ready to pay attention to subtle details and precise measurements. This binding style requires accuracy and a gentle touch when gluing for the book to open and close properly. Spudnik Press Cooperative will supply black book cloth for the spine. Students are encouraged to bring their own lightweight paper for the front and back covers of the book, and are welcome to bring their own book cloth in any color they like.