DIY Gifts: Handmade Notebooks

Looking ahead to the holidays, we present a special workshop with new years resolutions and gift giving in mind. Make your own set of artful notebooks by combining two handmade crafts: bookbinding and relief printmaking.

Using a few paper folding tricks, our electric paper-cutting guillotine and a butterfly stitch, each student will be able to fashion their own personalized notebook design.

Moving onto the printmaking portion of the workshop, students will learn how to transfer a graphic image onto a linoleum block, carve the image in relief, and print. Iconic imagery, silhouettes, geometric shapes, or simply abstract doodles all are great starting points. This workshop will introduce a variety of ways to rotate, overlap or tessellate images to achieve a variety of looks. With the option to also mix your own ink, you can decide how bold, wacky, subtle, or classy to make your set of books.

Each student will assemble and print a set of 5 soft cover notebooks and will be able to take home their carved block for future project.