Letterpress Printing 102

This class invites students with basic letterpress experience to become proficient on Vandercook and platen presses while creating a self-directed project. A key goal for the class is for students to acquire the skills needed to print and troubleshoot independently. Students will review roller height adjustments, changing the tympan, single- and double-sided registration, and proper inking and cleaning of the press.

Additionally, students will explore the making of books! Sequence and narrative, page layout, image and text interplay, typography, and other considerations that go into book production will deepen student’s understanding of letterpress printing and it’s many uses and capabilities.

Throughout the class students will acquire the technical skills to be authorized to print independently at Spudnik Press and the creative skills to produce inventive and alluring prints for years to come.

Please note that class fees cover tuition as well as many consumable studio supplies and most materials that students will use throughout the class or workshop. Please see student material list for additional supplies.