Paper Marbling Workshop

Paper Marbling is a design technique that has been used by paper artists since the 12th century. Pigments are floated on a viscous water-based solution and carefully transferred to paper to produce mesmerizing patterning, similar to smooth marble. Marbled paper is art on its own, but it can also be used as book covers, end papers, and as a base for handmade prints.

In this workshop, students learn to prepare marbling baths and create marbling combs for a range of patterns on paper. Students will ultimately prepare pigments and pull their own paper. Every student will learn various marbling techniques including free hand and the application of stencils as a resist in order to produce 5 unique sheets of marbled paper.

Please note that class fees cover tuition as well as many consumable studio supplies and most materials that students will use throughout the class or workshop. Please see student material list for additional supplies.