Photo Lithography (SP2015)

Photo Lithography uses the hydrophobic (water-fearing) and hydrophilic (water-loving) properties of an aluminum plate to print from a flat surface. Uniquely different from digital printing, lithography involves hand mixing ink and printing with a traditional press. With photographic plates, artists have the ability to manipulate their image digitally as well as directly on the film or the plate. Imagery can include traditional black and white photograph as well a drawings, paintings, and computer generate imagery, or a combination of these. In this class, students will learn technical skills, like editing digital files for film, plate exposure, developing for multiple-plate images, modifying oil-based ink, and understanding paper options. The class will also push artists to approach this medium creatively. Students will leave the class with a solid understanding of the medium, and the ability to continue honing their skills through Spudnik’s Studio Use programs. Artists of all levels, from professional to hobbyist, are encouraged to enroll.