Pronto Plate Lithography

Polyester plate or “pronto plate” lithography is a quick and effective method of printing that requires no harsh chemicals or complicated processes. Using basic drawing materials and a standard laser printer, polyester lithography is ideal for illustrators, photographers or artists looking to easily and inexpensively produce hand-printed artwork. Pronto plates are unique in their versatility and excellent for experimentation.

In this workshop, students will learn the basic fundamentals of polyester lithography and the potential of working with pronto plates. Students will learn and practice how to transfer images onto the plates, as well as direct drawing methods, and finally, how to ink and edition the completed plates. Students can bring along drawings, photos, found images, scraps, objects to scan, etc.,  as well as ideas for drawing directly on a plate. Students will each leave with a small print edition of either their own image or a collaborative print.