Screenprinting on Fabric (Fall 2015)

Knowing how to print on fabric opens up a slew of opportunities. Designing custom apparel, creating gifts for friends, family or Etsy, making unique yardage for an endless number of sewing projects, and manufacturing your own kickstarter rewards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential projects for fabric printing!

Screenprinting uses a stencil to transfer ink onto a flat surface. The process is approachable and fun to learn. Students will learn to create and print from both hand drawn and digital images. Through weekly demonstrations, students will be exposed to ink mixing, color and pattern relationships, repeat patterns and printing with multiple colors. This class is well suited for first-time screenprinters as well as those with paper-printing experience. Student will add to their repertoire a better understanding of how different fibers and weaves affect printing, and how screen coating, exposure and wash out, printing, and ink mixing is adapted with textile printing. Keeping in mind that each student in the class will have unique ambitions, the syllabus has the option of incorporating an overview of discharge printing, basic fabric dying, hand sewing or machine sewing. As with all our multi-week classes, when students graduate from Screenprinting on Fabric, they will be encouraged to continue printing at Spudnik Press through our Open Studio or Keyholder Program.