Bookbinding for Comics and Zines

This workshop focuses on styles of bookbinding that are low-cost yet dynamic, and can be used to bind a full edition of comics or zines. Students will complete a variety of “b-stitch” bindings using a needle and thread as well as a perfect bound book using our thermal binder. Attendees will also learn a more involved binding, Japanese stab binding, which can turn an every day comic into a limited edition collectible.

The properties of each binding variation and the possibilities for image and text layout will be addressed to help artists choose the right binding for the project. To put final professional touches on their books, students will learn to trim their books with our guillotines.

Six 4” x 5.5” sample books will be produced during class. Through these projects, students will hone their folding, cutting, gluing, and hand-sewing skills. There are unlimited variations to the basic bookbinding techniques, so attendees will be able to adapt these foundational skills to their own comic and zine projects. Students will graduate authorized to attend Open Studio to use our bookbinding supplies, guillotines, and thermal binder.