Card Making Workshop: Hand Lettering and Screenprinting

Join Spudnik Press Teaching Artist, Angelika Piwowarczyk, for a long afternoon designing and printing a set of greeting cards. Using pens, brushes and ink, students will look at and experiment with a variety of styles of hand lettering, learning how to adjust the x-height, axis, kerning, serifs and overall style of hand-drawn type to match or amplify the meaning of the written words. Working with a variety of mark making tools and experimenting with composition, students will perfect their design before heading to the screenprinting studio to turn the artwork into finished prints.

In the second part of the day, students will create a photographic screen with their image, mix a customized ink color, and work with their peers to print a set of their cards. This two-in-one workshop is a great package deal if hallmark greeting cards leave you wanting more.