Community Workshop: Riso on the Run: How to Quickly Print and Bind Your Own Getaway Planner

Riso on the Run invites our community to make their own personal planner while dabbling in design, printmaking, bookbinding, and finishing.

Step One: Design: Regardless if you are inspired by the trending bullet planner, prefer a page-a-day format, or want to keep it simple with a to-do list and spot for appointments, you can create your very own custom pages designed just how you want!

Step Two: Duplicate: After finalizing a black and white template for your planner pages, you’ll witness the wonders of the risograph machine! This automated duplicator from Japan looks like a photocopier but uses special drums of ink to produce lush prints in a variety of colors.

Step Three: Perfect Binding: After printing a stack of pages, learn how to turn them into a bound book. Perfect binding uses simple materials and PVA glue to adhere loose sheets of paper into a finished book.

Step Four: Trim: The final step of creating a professional-looking book is to use a guillotine to trim the book to its final dimensions.

Step Five: Start Planning!

With donation-base tuition to accommodate even the most modest budget, all are welcome to come dabble with a new skill, including educators looking for new ideas, first-time artists, professionals, and everyone in between.