Design as Process; Design as Craft

The term “Design” is used quite loosely today. Is “Design” a technical discipline? Is “Design” a way of thinking about, understanding and approaching a problem? The short answer is yes to all of the above. A strong designer is both a master of craft and a master of process – understanding the demands of a particular problem while understanding what it will take to create a visual solution that meets those demands.

For this Special Topics class, we’ve partnered with David Sieren, of The Post Family and Remedy, to share his approach to Design process, Graphic Design techniques, and traditional graphic skillsets. Students will be guided through the design process from idea to execution, leveraging design thinking methodologies and techniques to define and refine their ideas.

Students will create a folio of studies, exercises, and projects crafted through miniature units addressing typography, composition, and image making. The class will culminate with each student will investigate a theme of their own choosing. The format of the final creative project will be contingent on each student’s research, goals, and ideas, but may end up looking like a poster series or an experimental book.