Hand Lettering Workshop

Focusing on the design and illustration aspect of hand written words, this workshop will walk students through the particulars of hand lettering. Spacing, slope, texture, sharpness, roundness, rhythm, irregularity and repetition all affect our interpretation of a letter or a word. Students will practice their ability to have their written words mirror, amplify or alter the meaning of text using lettering markers, brushes, ink and other everyday art supplies.

Once tools have been tested out, the workshop will look to layout and composition. Plus, those prone to illustration and doodling will learn a few approaches to integrating text and image. The class culminates in students producing a final artwork ready to be framed, digitized or reproduced.

Want to turn your hand lettering into awesome DIY greeting card? Consider pairing this workshop with DIY Greeting Cards: Screenprinting. If hallmark greeting cards leave you wanting more, these workshops are your solution.