Hand Lettering

Focusing on the illustrative quality of written words, this introduction to hand lettering will encourage students to amplify their natural drawing or handwriting style by experimenting with mark making materials and the elements of art and design.

The spacing, slope, texture, sharpness, roundness, rhythm, irregularity and repetition within a word or phrase alter its impression. Students will explore various styles of hand lettering and how letterforms can mirror, expand or alter the meaning of text. Projects will incorporate the use of lettering markers, pens, brushes, ink and other common art supplies.

Once tools have been tested, and personal styles are explored, the class will look to layout and composition to combine text with image. Current and aspiring screen printers, calligraphers, illustrators and designers of posters, apparel, greet cards, and various printed ephemera will all be able to apply new skills to their craft.

The class culminates in students producing a final artwork ready to be hand printed, framed, or digitized.