Letterpress 201: Perfecting the Platen Press

Do you avoid printing with a platen press because you fear smashing pins? Do you find yourself using too much packing to get the pressure you want? Do you know what to do when your plate prints unevenly? Platen presses are simple machines but can none-the-less be intimidating.

This workshop will refresh and refine platen press printing skills including registration, pin placement, proper packing as well as how to diagnose printing issues and make adjustments to the press.

Spudnik member and accomplished printer, Lydia Evans, will guide fellow members and Spudnik Press printers through the finer points of the Pilot and Pearl presses, helping students understand the mechanical nature of the press and how wear and tear can be reduced through actively listening to the press, using a keen eye to spot and identify issues, and taking notice when the press doesn’t quite feel right.