Letterpress Authorization Workshop

The Vandercook is an eloquent machine, an irreplaceable piece of equipment and Spudnik’s more popular printing press. Platen presses are simple machines that can produce lush prints with the perfect kiss of ink. However, they are also powerful with the capacity to smash pins and destroy lead type. To ensure that these tools remain in great condition for everyone that prints at Spudnik, we need to ensure that every authorized printer is comfortable with not just printing, but understanding how to minimize wear on our machines and leave the press ready for the next printer.

With a focus on printing, this workshop will review setting up the presses, ink mixing and application, adjusting pressure, proper packing, registration and all-around best practices. Students will review their mechanical understanding of the press and how wear and tear can be reduced through actively listening to the press, using a keen eye to spot and identify issues, and taking notice when the press doesn’t quite feel right.

We welcome printers that are 1) feeling out-of-practice, 2) are new to Spudnik’s letterpress facilities, or 3) would like support working through a particularly complex project or reoccurring printing issue. Through this workshop, students will not only brush up on old skills and have the opportunity to become authorized to print at Spudnik, but are sure to walk away with new morsels of useful information regarding the art of letterpress printing.

Plus, to ensure everyone to put their refreshed skills to use, students are invited to return within the week (free of charge!) to put their refreshed knowledge to use.