Relief Tester & Refresher (Sept 2017)

Relief printmaking (also known as block printing) is a graphic and versatile form of printmaking that dates as far back as 500 BC. Similar to stamping, images are carved in reverse onto a block that is then inked and sent through a press.

Beginning with a graphic image, a motif, festive patterns and stylized hand lettering, students will learn how to visualize and create a design and that will work well as a print. In the first three hours of the workshop, students will complete this simple small-scale project, moving through each step of the relief process from image transfer to carving to printing. In the last two hours, students new to the medium are welcome to stay and create additional prints of their image. Students with prior intermediate experience are encouraged to use the last hours to address questions related to setting up the press, multiple plate registration, planning more complex plates, even and consistent inking, etc.

This workshop is designed to let people test out a new craft or refresh skills from a prior class. Students who want to learn the full range of what relief can do should enroll in our 8-week Relief Printmaking class.