Screenprint Your Own Swag: Stickers, Magnets, and Patches

This project-based workshop offers the opportunity to learn the essentials of screenprinting in a single afternoon. Printing your own swag offers the opportunity to reproduce a logo, design or doodle in a custom ink color you mix yourself, make an collection of prints on a variety of materials AND join the d.i.y. movement!

What counts as swag? Perhaps you are starting a business or an Etsy store. Or your band is releasing a new album. Or you are hosting a shindig and need some party favors. Regardless of the situation, this class is geared towards anyone with a project that will benefit from custom-printed goods.

Students should bring along two to three small black and white designs. During the workshop, there will be time to edit the designs (if needed) to be best suited as a print. Using screens pre-coated with photographic emulsion, students will each be able create their own screen and mix their own unique color of ink. Each person will leave the workshop with their own design on a variety of swag.

For some, this one-day class will be the perfect opportunity to dabble with a new craft and move on to other projects. For others, this workshop might be a gateway to a new obsession with printed ephemera!