Screenprinting 201: T-Shirts & Textiles

Knowing how to screen print on fabric opens up a slew of opportunities. Designing custom apparel, creating gifts for friends, family or Etsy, making unique yardage for sewing projects, and manufacturing your own kickstarter rewards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential fabric printing projects!

Students will apply their skills and experience printing on paper to printing textiles and learn how the fiber and weave of a fabric affect printing, what alterations need to be considered when designing for fabric, plus tips for coating, exposing and washing out screens. The class will cover two styles of printing and registration: tabletop printing and printing with a carousel t-shirt press.

Printing with water-based fabric inks has specific limitations as well as some benefits. Through this class, students will learn the difference between water-based and plastisol inks, advantages and disadvantages for small and large projects. Plus, students will have the opportunity to share projects and ideas with peers in order to push their artwork in new directions!