Screenprinting for Tree Huggers

F Climate Change… I’ll Drink Dirt

Feeling guilty about the amount of resources you use to make your art? Do you want to be a more environmentally friendly artist? Do you wish that screenprinting didn’t require so much water? Heather Anderson of This New Forest is here to help! Using a tried and true clean up method used in various printshops throughout the country, artists can dramatically reduce their use of water.

In this community pay-what-you-can workshop, printmakers will learn the most water-efficient ways to make prints through designing and printing a short run of experimental abstract prints using markers, stencils, and photocopies to create their imagery. Plus, students will have the opportunity to experiment with water-soluble inks, generally brush up their printing skills, and meet like-minded environmentally aware artists.

Anyone who has basic screenprinting experience is welcome to enroll in this workshop. A donation of any amount will secure space in this community workshop.