Student Debt Suicide Letters

Student Debt Suicide Letters is a one-time workshop and letter writing social lead by collaborators Julia Arredondo and Vanessa Viruet. Student Debt Suicide Letters invites attendees to write suicide notes to their debt collecting companies. Attendees will produce an original letter, and then we will reproduce the letter in the shop (while providing postage) in order to bombard these companies with our feedback on what it feels like to be in immense student debt. The environment will be positive and encourages attendees to open up about the debt experience. We want to share our thoughts while giving the student loan companies a taste of their own medicine.

This donation-based workshop is offered in conjunction with Julia Arredondo’s solo exhibition, Spatial Collage: Getting Wacky Wit It

Any donation is appreciated. However, we will not turn anyone away. Please email to register without making a donation.