The People’s Pamphlet Pamphlet-Making Workshop

The pamphlet is a timeless publication. Pamphlets can act as advertisements for things as disparate as an historical landmark, a world fair, or a new gadget, public safety information, or biographical information. Regardless, they are usually free and available for wide and impartial distribution.

Building off the energy and underpinnings of current exhibition, The People’s Pamphlets, this workshop introduces the pamphlet as a unique type of publication that defies digitization. With guest artist and publisher Kyle Schlie, participants will play with visual communication, text and image, form and function to produce a pamphlet relating to a topic of their choosing.

Participants will produce original pamphlet then reproduce a complete photocopy or risograph edition of their publication. True to the nature of pamphlets, the workshop will end with a pamphlet exchange and additional copies will remain in the gallery for free distribution.