Vandercook SP-25 Authorization Workshop (June 5)

Spudnik Press Cooperative has a new press! And it’s BIG:

Vandercook SP-25:
Max Sheet Size: 24 ½ × 28″
Max Form Size: 24 × 26″

In addition to the press, we were able to also acquire:

6 drawers of woodtype, various fonts and sizes
A huge boxcar base for printing with polymer plates

To help our printers get familiar with (and authorized for) the press, we are offering one-day workshops that will review:

  • Project planning for larger-format printing.
  • Perfect registration.
  • Changing pressure and adding packing.
  • Proper inking.
  • Thorough cleaning.
  • Long-term press care.

All participants must already be authorized for the Vandercook 4 (for example, by completing our Letterpress I: Wood & Metal Type class). This workshop will not teach letterpress printing from the beginning, but is instead focused on the particulars of this exact press. Working collaboratively, participants will be able to set type, ink the press, print, clean, and each take home a fun (large-scale) group project.

Sign up today to print big AND avoid the Vandercook #4 scheduling competition!