Contracts for Creatives: How To Protect Yourself and Your Artwork

Managing client relationships is one of the most exciting parts of being an artist and an entrepreneur. Not.

Clarifying sales agreements, negotiating rights, determining payments, and setting overall client expectations are made opaque through the drafting and signing of a contract. This process is rarely fun, but an essential business skill.

Luckily, Shannon Downey has a fresh perspective on how artists can take ownership over the contract writing process and feel great about their professional acumen. Shannon will share her views and her enthusiasm for contracts, and teach attendees approachable and effective methods to avoid confusion and controversy while protecting their art, their time and their intellectual property.

When it comes to a contract, what is overkill? What is the bare minimum? When is it reckless to not have a contract? When do you present a contract? When do you request a contract? What do you do when a contract isn’t followed? These are the types of questions that stress artists when first taking on contract-based work. Attendees will look at contracts for a variety of the situations including sales agreements, commission, art on loan, reserving image rights, contract printing, work for hire and more. Attendees will leave the workshop empowered to craft their own contracts and confidently deliver them to their client.

Presenter Bio:

Shannon Downey is founder of the marketing company, Pivotal Chicago and is adjunct faculty at both Columbia College and DePaul University teaching business, entrepreneurship and marketing. She is the woman behind the blog Seriously Badass Women and is a not-so-secret fiber artist known as Badass Cross Stitch. She is on a never ending crusade for digital/analog balance and massive change.

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