Intro to Relief Printing

Relief printmaking dates as far back as the 7th century and is considered the oldest form of printmaking, appearing first as woodblock images in China. It is a graphic yet versatile process, capable of hardedge imagery as well as soft tonality. In relief, an image is carved in reverse into a block which is then inked and sent through a press. The tools are simple and approachable but the possibilities are expansive.

Our three-week Intro to Relief Printing class equips students to plan, carve, and print in relief practices. During this class, students will be guided through the best methods for planning and transferring their images utilizing subtractive techniques that exploit line, shape, contrast, and texture. In addition, students will learn how to mix and modify inks, handle paper, methods of registration, and how to finesse pressure on the press for the best results.

With the completion of this class, students will not only produce an edition of prints that reflect the skills built throughout this class but receive authorization in relief printing at Spudnik. Further printing in relief can be explored through our Open Studio or Keyholder programs.

 Basic carving tools are available to use during class but we encourage students to acquire their own set to use outside of class times. We recommend Blick’s Student Wood Chisel Set as well as a Flexcut SlipStrop to keep them sharp.

Please note: Each student will have a dedicated work station and enrollment is limited to 5 students to ensure social distancing. Students will be expected to disinfect shared resources after use and follow all our Covid-related safety precautions. The class fees cover tuition as well as consumable studio supplies.