Letterpress Finesse: Independent Projects

After completing Letterpress I and/or Letterpress II, the students will devise their own project to take up the entirety of the eight-week course using skills that they have learned in either or both of the preceding courses. This class is designed to push the individual from concept and design through to a much more extensive end result than what they created in Letterpress I or II. An example of a project could be, but not limited to: a small book of poems that gets bound together, a calendar, a collection of greeting cards, a series of musical posters, a suite of wedding invites, etc. The first class would be a discussion-based meeting where the members of the class brainstorm ideas and sketches, than would jump right into making week two. In progress critiques focusing on the original plan would help to keep the work on target, smart, aesthetically interesting or beautiful, and engaging. Strong emphasis on typography, printing, and craftsmanship would be integral for the success of this class to elevate it above what is learned in Letterpress I and II.