Offset Printing: High Speed Print Production


Offset printing a commercial printing process that evolved from Lithography and capitalizes on oil and water’s natural inclination to repel each other. This process has a unique aesthetic and the capability to produce full publications and large editions while maintaining a tactile handmade quality.

Offset Printing: High Speed Print Production will train a small group of artists how to operate our two AB Dick 360 offset presses. As offset presses are rarely made accessible to artists, Spudnik Press is proud to provide this opportunity to printmakers, illustrators, self-publishers, writers and anyone who wishes to learn.

Students will learn pre-press skills like file prep and plate making as well as basic press operation, multi-layer and double-sided registration, mixing Pantone colors and press cleaning. Plus students will learn press calibration, troubleshooting and press assessment, which are all critical skills a press operator must possess.

To become fully authorized to print independently, students will complete a final assessment demonstrating their ability to safely operate the machine.