Papermaking Explorations (May)

Papermaking can be used as a catalyst for bookmaking, printmaking and drawing, as well as an art form all in its own.  Our introductory papermaking class walks students through the satisfying process of turning plant fiber into luscious handmade paper.

Students will learn how to form basic sheets of paper with a mould and deckle, and then expand upon that skill by exploring ways to manipulate the pulp. For example, students will add pigment to pulp to create custom tinted sheets of paper. Dyed pulp will also be used to integrate patterns and imagery into the papermaking process through pulp painting. “Inclusions” like fragments of prints, organic materials, or thread can also be integrated into the paper. Finally, using a wire armature, students can explore dimensional structures. Through these projects, students will also learn about the science behind papermaking, and how to select and use various plant fibers like cotton and abaca.

After surveying a range of papermaking skills, each student will be able to focus on a self-directed papermaking project with guidance and support from Teaching Artist, Molly Berkson. Students will graduate from this class with a hearty stack of their own handmade paper as well enough experience to continue making paper at home or at Spudnik Press. This is a wet process, so dress down for this class.