Printmaking Refresher: Relief, Intaglio, & Monoprint

This class is designed for those in our community who have had a hiatus from printmaking and are looking to get reacquainted with the print studio. This refresher class offers an overview of the three traditional oil-based printmaking processes: relief, intaglio, and monoprinting.

With each printing process inducing its own aesthetic, this class offers abundant opportunities to review the basic concepts that bridge the many types of printmaking at our studio. This is a great opportunity to review old skills and to have a guiding hand to help you begin your next print project.

While students need not be familiar with all three processes, those with prior experience will have the opportunity to become authorized to continue printing at Spudnik Press Cooperative through our Open Studio or Keyholder programs.

Skills that will be reviewed include:

  • Setting up the press
  • Registration
  • Additive & Reductive monoprinting
  • Safe block carving techniques
  • Line etching
  • Airbrush aquatinting
  • Chin collé

Students should come to class with drawings or inspirational imagery for the content of their prints. Digital imagery is also welcome as they can be printed out and transferred. Basic block carving tools and etching needles are available to use during class but we encourage students to bring their favorite tools or to acquire their own set to use outside of class times.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the studio!

Please note: Each student will have a dedicated work station and enrollment is limited to 5 students to ensure social distancing. Students will be expected to disinfect shared resources after use and follow all our Covid-related safety precautions. The class fees cover tuition as well as consumable studio supplies.

This class will not meet on Thanksgiving (Thursday, Nov. 25). The last session will meet on December 16.