Spiral Tunnel Bookbinding Workshop

Tunnel books are great examples of how artist books can be sculptural objects. Expanding like the bellows of an accordion, tunnel books expand and contract to display an image, a setting, or a scene on a series of cut out panels. Looking through an opening in the cover, “readers” can take in the three-dimensional scene. With the addition of a spiraling element, spiral tunnel books have movement and interaction between the layers and inspire the same playfulness that pop-up books are known for.

A perfect workshop for visual artists who want to work narratively, dimensionally, or in a book format, this bookbinding workshop will invite participants to cut up and reimagine their own test prints, scrap paper, and sketches or to improvise with various found prints and papers found at the studio. Students will learn to work with bookbinding materials including PVA glue, glue brushes, bone folders, book cloth, and brads. In addition to learning how to plan for movement in the spiral book, students will hone hand skills by cutting a custom viewfinder into the book cover, then cleaning and professionally wrapping the book board to create a durable hardcover book.

All are welcome to enroll in this workshop, regardless of prior bookbinding experience.