Working with Woodtype

This intermediate letterpress class investigates woodtype and the aesthetic and creative possibilities that it offers printers. Students will look at the history of woodtype design as well as contemporary production and use.

Bolstered with a rich understanding of woodtype, students will learn woodtype design shortcuts and experimental printing techniques like flat printing, pressure printing, and paint printing. Getting to use type from both Spudnik’s collection and the personal collection of the instructor, students will produce three unique projects: A collaborative type specimen poster, an experimental texture print, and a completed edition of a poster.

This fast-paced class offers a great experience for students to enhance their printing skills and design abilities, increase their familiarity with Spudnik Press facilities, and to gain inspiration through creative projects and collaborating with fellow printers.

Working with Woodtype will not meet on Saturday 5/27 due to Memorial Day. The final session will be held on Saturday 6/10.