Saturday Morning Comics Club

Saturday Morning Comix Club is an opportunity to explore the expansive world of comics and zines. Teaching Artist, Leila Abdelrazaq, approaches alternative comix as a medium for storytelling and community building, and invites her students to do the same.

This class is ideal for people who have dabbled (or have wanted to dabble) with comics or zines and are ready to explore story telling, illustration, personal style, page layout, inking and reproduction with a group of peers. Saturday Morning Comix Club encourages artists maintain a weekly drawing habit, provides a forum for conversation about their artwork, and creates a avenue for turning a sketch or a concept into a finished project, ready for distribution.

Using the theme of “sacred stories” as a jumping off point, the class will emphasize the use of symbolism in comics and zines and help each participant develop their own visual vocabulary. Participants will leave with 20+ copies of their very own self-published project.

NOTE: This class will NOT meet on April 2. The last week of class will be held on Saturday, April 30.