Saturday Morning Illustration Club

How can visual artists tell non-verbal stories? Illustrations can evoke the senses, imply a story, and represent moods and ideas difficult to put to words. Saturday Morning Illustration Club will investigate the role of narrative in illustration by developing “visual vocabularies” and approaches to communicating time, space and perspective in still images.

In addition stretching the ideation phase of illustration, students will work with a variety of art materials to translate their vision to the page. Sketching exercises and class projects will encourage students to hone their drawing and composition skills. Inking exercises will encourage students to experiment with pens, markers, and India ink and how different materials generate distinct styles.

Two final portfolio projects will allow students to bring these skills together: a single-page illustration that communications multiple themes or ideas and a collection of sequential images that work together as a series. Through both, personal style will support the concept to tell a compelling narrative.

Anyone who loves to draw is welcome. So regardless if your art ends up in comics, zines, posters, apparel, stationary, screen prints or your own living room wall, you are bound to benefit.