Screenprinting 201: Color for Screenprinters

Screenprinting is well known for its disposition for color. Saturated or pastel, metallic or fluorescent, subtle or vibrant, screenprinting is an art form that can handle it all. Sign up for this ink-mixing boot camp to push your skills both conceptualizing color palettes and mixing ink to match the aesthetic you want.

Through conversation and hands-on printing, this workshop will address building colors through layering transparent ink, taking advantage of the paper color, controlling ink colors to create depth and form in a flat print, and using a Pantone guide to perfect color matching. We’ll experiment with when to use white ink and when to use transparency and discuss how mixing ink is not actually that similar to mixing paint. Using a Spudnik-provided images, each participant will leave with a set of prints that illustrates the concepts and skills covered in this workshop.