Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is a time-honored method of making drawings and objects come to life by stringing together hundreds of images to create the illusion of movement. Get inspired by classics like Gertie the Dinosaur, Wallace and Gromit and Boogie Doodle, and then experience first hand the satisfaction of creating you own animation. Using very simple technology and readily available software, students will learn foundational animation concepts, like key frames, cycles, morphing, and frame rates. Working extemporaneously and collaboratively, students will create an animated music video using drawings and cut paper.

See student work from previous animation classes led by Colin Palombi and Angee Lennard:

Experimental Animation – Spring 2013
Animation Workshop – Rammulotsi June 24-28, 2013
Animation Workshop – Piet Patsa July 8-11, 2013