Etching & Intaglio Refresher

Open to anyone with prior intaglio experience, this fast-paced refresher class will revive rusty skills and renew confidence in the printshop with the ultimate goal of inspiring a new body of prints. The class will focus first and foremost on bringing printers up to speed with etching and intaglio printing at Spudnik Press. Each student will be provided two small copper plates, encouraging participants to hone a variety of techniques. From these experimental plates, students should feel well prepared to begin a substantial independent project that will continue beyond the brief four-week class.

Specifically, the class will begin by reviewing basic plate making techniques such as degreasing and filing plates, applying ground, mark making, etching, dry point and aquatinting. Moving on to printing press, students will deepen their understanding of inks, additives, and all-around best practices for inking and printing copper plates. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how to plan for and print multiple-plate images. In addition to plenty of demonstrations and hands-on time to work, students will be able to consult with staff on plans for any current and planned print projects.